1. September 30, 2011 - Back to Work

    And thus ends my weekend. I don’t know if I’ll have much chance to get online this next week before my next couple of days off, but I made a fair bit of progress anyway. I managed to finish all the tutorials, hang out with a corp who seems to be pretty active in faction warfare, and even got put into contact with another group of Australian players.

    Next mission is to work on my base skills, including some social skills to improve missions then start running the epic mission arcs.

    Until next time lads.

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  2. September 29, 2011 - Tutorials…

    I’m now about halfway through the tutorials for

    I finished up the business tutorial, the scanning tutorial and I’m about to finish the industry tutorial. After this I’ll hit up the combat tutorials and I should have a huge pile of skill books to learn. Given my 70-80 hour weeks, I get little enough time to play, so I’m currently using my time to train up the basic skills to level 5. I’ve already taken Engineering to level 5, in between basic training of stuff I need for missions.

    The scanning tutorial was very cool, and I’ll probably set up a ship for probing after the tutorials. I’ve been told the Sisters of EVE Epic Arc is the next place to go, however the corp I’m currently hanging out with is into factional warfare, so I might jump straight into combat. I still haven’t been accepted, but I’ve met some cool guys. Remember to hit me up ingame lads.

    Still living in Malukker, the beginner system as I finish the tutorials and I’m now up to over a million ISK.

    Also, I’m flying a Rifter now.


    It’s fairly popular, and I can see why. Very fun to fly and does some great damage.

    Later lads.

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  3. September 22, 2011 - Back On Deck

    So I finally got a chance to get back into New Eden today, even briefly and was pretty stoked to find mail waiting for me!

    A friendly message from someone on here pointing me towards a corporation. This might be just the thing I need to give me some direction.

    I definitely won’t get much time to play in the next week or so, but I will try to be logging in to sort things out and keep training going. This new corp is active in factional warfare, so that will give me options to try out some organized combat. I’ve started training up some basic skills like mechanic and spacecraft flight. I’m hoping to get myself into a Rifter soon and being able to fly it well.

    I’m up to about half a million in ISK, and currently running the tutorial on scanning. I think I’ll finish up the tutorials, get into a Rifter then look into Factional Warfare.

    I’ll also look into this corporation and sign up if I like what I see maybe.

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  4. September 15, 2011 - Business

    Well, the business tutorial was nothing as shady as I had hoped. There seems to be drugs in the game that earn quick death when discovered, so I’m yet to discover what purpose they actually serve and if it is possible to make money off them.

    I ran though the business tutorial, which gave me about 10 skill books which I can’t actually learn without picking things up off the market. The main thing I got out of it was a freighter, which puts me in mind of Serenity. The missions involved running cargo back and forth, a little hacking, a little industry so I might have a look at the market tomorrow and see if it is worth learning to fly my new ship.

    It doesn’t really hold a candle to the Badger MKII that I used to love flying, but hey, starting from the ground up. I might use it to pick up some legitimate contracts if I can. I’m up to about half a million ISK from business. The game plan from here is to complete each tutorial and start working certificates. This really is a beautiful game, but given that it is a sandbox, it is somethings daunting finding a goal.

    Avuli Hastmena is the name people, so look me up in-game and try give me some direction.

    Over and out.

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  5. September 15, 2011 - Learning Things

    … and here goes the pile of talents to learn.







    … and I picked up a new ship. The Minmitar “Burst” which I’m already a fan of because it doesn’t look like it uses sails to move around space.

    Looks good for transport and mining, so I’m a fan.

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  6. September 15, 2011 - A Career

    I logged on today, still no idea of what to try first and what to learn so I decided to hit up the tutorial. After the University had me run errands and pick up my clearance papers, I was sent to a nearby system to pick a career agent to follow.


    Advanced Military




    Now I’ve given almost all of these a small try over the month or two I’ve played, with the exception of Business, so I’m thinking the first foray will have to be in the field of Business.

    My teacher is set to be Eurbibad Kird… this guy:

    So I can only suspect this is the darker, drug fueled side of Business…

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  7. September 14, 2011 - Stepping Out

    So, loaded up and cancelled all the tutorials. I’m starting with a “Reaper” which is a small frigate with a single gun and a mining laser. I’ve also got 2,000 ISK, which from experience won’t buy me anything, so my first plan is to make myself some money and get into a ship that can withstand a light wind.

    My Reaper

    So I’m off to the nearest asteroid belt I guess.

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  8. September 14, 2011 - The Journey Begins

    S, I’ve created an EVE Online character completely randomly. Given that EVE is a sandbox game, with no strict progression or anyway to “win the game”, this is my blog to journal my adventures in EVE.

    I’ve decided to randomize everything to do with character creation, which has given me a character who looks very much like SlayerSBoxeR, so good start so far.

    Avuli Hastmena

    I then randomized my ancestery, giving myself a Mystic backgroup.

    Wherokiors have always seemed strange to other Minmatar tribes, doubly so when it comes to those with mystical inclinations. Vherokior mystics are both revered and feared by the Minmatar. The ancient Voluval ritual, where the soul and karma of a person is revealed through the unexplained emergence of a body tattoo on the recipient, was created by Vherokior mystics, and its secrets are closely guarded.

    So that is pretty awesome, though I guess I should go add a tattoo to my character somewhere.

    So then I randomized my education, ending up with a Republic University graduate, which doesn’t really affect anything.

    Last but not least, the name. Having spammed randomize for a couple of seconds.

    The adventures of Avuli Hestmena!

    So, having randomly generated a Minmitar pilot of the “Vherokior” family, I’m heading into the world of New Eden with no money, no plan and a small, one person ship.

    and, so it begins, in a system called Hulm, at a station belonging to the Republic University…

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